Friday, 14 August 2020

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14 August 2020 Current Affairs:Scientific and Industrial Research Centre (GVP-SIRC) and GVP College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, has developed an indigenous photonic system for real-time remote monitoring of air quality parameters. The system titled Air Unique-quality Monitoring (AUM) was developed under the Clean Air Research Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology.

Air Unique-quality Monitoring System:
♦ The AUM system is an innovative application of the principles of statistical mechanics, laser backscattering, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine/deep learning, and Internet of Things. 
♦ AUM can identify, classify, and quantify various pollutants simultaneously of orders of less than one part per billion and meteorological parameters, with sensitivity, very high precision, and accuracy.
♦ AUM was successfully evaluated during laboratory trials with gold standards in collaboration with EffecTech, UK.
♦ The system is operated by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board under the aegis of the Central Pollution Control Board of India.
♦ The system is capable of simultaneous detection and quantification of all air quality parameters.
♦ It offers a number of merits like portablility, compactibility, low powered nature and economical over any of the currently available conventional systems.
♦ This system is expected to boost India’s efforts towards self-reliance in high-end technologies. 
♦ It can additionally be instrumental in supporting the endeavours in improving the nation’s health and economy.

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