Tuesday, 18 August 2020

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18 August 2020 Current Affairs:Researchers have stated that Ceres looks like an “Ocean World”. Teh scientist stated after analyzing the data collected by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft. The dwarf planet Ceres lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and is also the largest object in that belt. The scientist is trying to search for a possibility of the presence of water in Ceres.

Exploration Ceres:
Ceres was first spotted by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. It was assumed that Ceres was the missing planet between Mars and Jupiter. In the year 2006, Ceres was classified as a dwarf planet. It is the first dwarf planet to be orbited by a spacecraft. In 2015, NASA’s Dawn reached it to study its surface, composition, and history.

The spacecraft Dawn was launched in 2007. It visited Vesta and Ceres. In 2015, the spacecraft went into the orbit around Ceres. The information that was collected reinforced the idea that dwarf planets could have hosted oceans over a significant part of their history. The Dawn mission concluded in 2018.

Dwarf planet:
There are officially five dwarf planets in the Solar System. The most famous dwarf planet is Pluto, downgraded from the status of a planet in 2006. The other four dwarf planets, in the order of size, are Eris, Makemake, Haumea, and Ceres. The sixth claimant for a dwarf planet is Hygiea, which so far has been taken to be an asteroid. 

source https://naukri.sarkari-exam.in/scientists-found-that-the-dwarf-planet-ceres-is-now-an-ocean-world/
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