Monday, 10 August 2020

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10 August 2020 Current Affairs:World Biofuel day is observed on 10 August. The day aims to highlight the importance of non-fossil fuels as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. It is observed by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas since 2015. The day also highlights the various efforts made by the Government in the Biofuel sector. The day also aims to honour the research experiments by Sir Rudolf Diesel. He ran an engine with peanut oil in 1893. His experiment predicted that vegetable oil will replace fossil fuels in the next century to fuel different mechanical engines.

The 2020 theme of World Biofuel day is “Biofuels towards Atmanirbhar Bharat”. Biofuels programme was hosted in synergy with the Government of India’s initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat. 

Biofuels are derived from renewable biomass resources. It is expected that the utilization of biofuels will address global concerns about the suppression of carbon emissions. Biofuels are eco-friendly and it provides a strategic advantage to promote sustainable development. These fuels supplement conventional energy sources in meeting the rapidly increasing demand for transportation fuels. Biofuels will reduce the import dependence, ensure a cleaner environment, generate additional income for farmers and employment generation. 

Government of India (GoI) has taken a number of initiatives to increase the blending of biofuels from 2014. The initiatives taken by GoI include simplifying the procurement procedures by OMCs, administrative price mechanism for ethanol, enabling lignocellulosic route to procure ethanol introducing a long term ethanol procurement policy, ethanol distillation capacity addition, and amending many provision in Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951.

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